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Icon & art comm for Shadowhunters
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26th-Jun-2016 10:39 pm - [sticky post] Challenge #2: Pilot (The Mortal Cup)
Teen Wolf - (313) Isaac on the floor
The results are in (and have been for a while, sorry!) and our second challenge is going to be focused on the pilot episode of Shadowhunters, called "The Mortal Cup"!

You can find screencaps at:
Screencapped (Galleries and zips)

If you know of any other sites or communities that offer screencaps please let me know and I'll add them to this list!

This challenge will be due on July 31, 2016 at 11:59 EST (Countdown)

Please leave up to three icons as a comment to this post. All comments are screened and you're asked not to release your icons until after the results have been announced.

If you have any questions please leave them in the thread below.

Thank you and have fun!
15th-Aug-2016 11:45 pm - Challenge #2 results
Tswift - (ani) Blank space 02 gasp
Thank you to everyone who voted! Here are the results for challenge #2!

1st || 2nd (Tie!) || 3rd

christinaa88 || christinaa88 & rolliraserin || christinaa88

Congrats to everyone!

Please feel free to continue voting for the next challenge choice here! The poll for that will be open until the end of the month and the next challenge will start in September.
Teen Wolf- (401) Stiles heart lungs B&W
Voting for challenge #2 has been extended until 11:59PM MST on Monday the 15th (today).

If you have a few seconds please check out this post and vote for icons and the next challenge!

10th-Aug-2016 11:47 pm - Challenge #2 Voting
Arrow - (s1) Laurel smooth face
Sorry this is late, I'm still in July-mode.

•Please comment to vote for your top three choices in order of preference; votes are weighted. Comments are screened.
•Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you, but feel free to promote the vote and the poll!
•Questions? Ask in the comments, I'll answer as quickly as possible but please do them in a comment separate from your vote.

I"m turning 18. It"s not like I"m heading on some epic journey.Collapse )

For the September icon challenge please fill out the following poll.

Poll #2051643 Challenge #3

What should icon Challenge #3 be based on?

1x02 The Descent into Hell isn't Easy
Specific Character (mention in comments)
Humorous moments
Hair porn

Icon and next challenge voting will close on Sunday, August at 9pm EST.

If you have challenge ideas for the future please leave them in a separate comment from your vote!
31st-Jul-2016 03:57 am - Final reminder!
Teen Wolf - (411) Stiles muppet mouth
You have about 18-ish hours to get your icons in for our second challenge!

Details and the post to submit your icons at are in this post.

Happy iconning!
26th-Jul-2016 02:05 am - Reminder
Teen Wolf- (video) Hoechlin biting
Challenge #2, the Pilot episode of Shadowhunters is nearing a close.

Have your icons submitted to this post before 11:59pm EST on July 31.

We have some great entries but I'd love to see more!
12th-Jul-2016 12:42 am - Reminder & abuse of mod powers
Teen Wolf - (102) Lydia's a brain green
We're coming up to the midpoint of the month and this challenge so here's another reminder that entries for the second icon challenge here at ishadowhunters are due on July 31st at 11:59pm EST as comments to this post.

We have a few entries so far and I'm really happy to see that (especially since I'm the WORST at getting anything done early!) but keep them coming!


What better way to spend the dog days of summer than fun with fandom? tv_universe is all about TV--ANY TV! It's not fandom or show-specific so no matter if you're a social butterfly when it comes to your shows, or dedicated to a select few--this comm's for you!

Apply for Team Bunny Ears or Team Dish here and tell them I sent you!
6th-Jul-2016 12:42 am - alec lightwood
Alec Lightwood and some malec

3 for preview

and 17 more
Teen Wolf - (102) Lydia's a brain green
The challenge post has been up for a little over a week and we have one entry with three lovely icons in it so far!

Still lots of time to get your own icons into this challenge, though!

Find details and submit your icons here before July 31!
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