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Challenge #3 Voting

I'm actually on top of this for once and LJ's being a butthole. Figures!

•Please comment to vote for your top three choices in order of preference; votes are weighted. Votes won't be screened this round.
•Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you, but feel free to promote the vote and the poll!
•Questions? Ask in the comments, I'll answer as quickly as possible but please do them in a comment separate from your vote.

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Poll #2054961 iShadowhunters Icon Challenge #4

What should icon Challenge #4 be based on?

One character
A s1 episode
Provided Images
Cast out of character
Another option (suggest in comments)
Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

a complete shadowhunters set for historamedy365

Shadowhunters (51)
Alec Lightwood (8)
Clary Fray (16)
Jace Herondale (7)
Isabelle Lightwood (11)
Luke Garroway (2)
Lydia Branwell (1)
Magnus Bane (6)
Maia Roberts (1)
Simon Lewis (5)

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tag for maia?