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ishadowhunters's Journal

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Icon & art comm for Shadowhunters
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An icon community for the show Shadowhunters

the community + 

Welcome to ishadowhunters, a community for icons and fanart relating to the Freeform show Shadowhunters. This community is only related to that show, not the books or the movie that this show is based on.

Occasionally there will be icon challenges as well for fun, so watch for those!
the rules + 

01. Pretty simple—don’t be a dick.
02. No character/ship hate. You don’t have to like the people or pairings on the show, just don’t harp on anyone because they do.
03. Only four icon samples outside the cut and please make them related to the show. It’s fine if they’re part of a multi-fandom post but your teasers should be related to the comm their in, even if you only have four.
04. Larger fanart (over 300x300) should be behind a cut.
05. If your posts don’t follow the previous two rules it will be deleted without warning.
06. Tags are available to try to keep things organized. It would be awesome if posters included them and please leave suggestions for tags here.
07. Please keep your content related to the Freeform show only.
08. Questions? See the Page-a-Mod post.
affiliates + 

Want to be an affiliate? Please comment on this post

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